Populism + bonus Pascal’s wager rant

I’m drunk and that means I get to lift the self-imposed ban on talking politics, oh bless these magical moments of inebriation! There is nothing brave or cool about this all, getting drunk on the eve of national holidays is socially accepted in the West and tomorrow is King’s day, where we Dutch celebrate the fact that we have a king that cannot even behead random people. I mean… why be a king if you can’t behead people at will, or buy speedboats or African vacation homes for that matter, I’m not sure, but there it is. He can cut ribbons at will, I guess, so all hail the king, baby! Furthermore, if you really want to know… 43 liquor, lemon juice, ice and soda water. In touch with my feminine side, I am.
But let’s talk politics for a moment, kiddo. What’s with the media and the word populism? I read some stuff in the past talking about how words lose their meaning or how words start out with a clear meaning but then throughout the years this meaning becomes hazy and at some point the word is practically useless, and I think the writers were Orwell and Ludovici. Yeah I’m namedropping and not even providing clear sources. Deal with it m80. Anyhow, we have come to the point were this applies to the words democracy and populism. Because one would think, that these words are pretty much synonyms, but when something relating to politics is seen as “good” in most media, it is often associated with “democracy”, but if it is “bad”, however, it is often associated with “populism”. Now this triggers my autism something fierce, aside from mildly upsetting my sense of manhood and insulting the child in me that still wants to believe in universal brotherhood (the last one is a lie but three felt better than two for style reasons).
So are we in an age where those in power deem the populace so stupid that they can pretty much take any word and make it to mean to the masses whatever they want it to mean? Or ore we in an age where those who can be manipulated so blatantly are in an actual position of power? Both are sad states and both alienate me from “humanity”. It also makes me listen to gangster rap more, not sure why that is. Maybe in a debeaked society, the gangsters are the only ones left that inspire some sense of manliness and self-direction? Irony here being that, a lot of gangster rappers are lying about their exploits. Is there any decency left in the world?
Now for the bonus: isn’t Pascal’s wager fucking stupid? Because if there is a God or there are Gods, and he/they is/are really smart and powerful, you can’t know his/their minds, and they might want you to do as much evil as possible, and only reward those who wreak the most havoc. To make the wager fair, one would have to start from the assumption that there is an equal chance that God(s) wanted you to do “good” or do “evil”, and thus both living a “good” life and an “evil” life would have the same expected value. To be really fair, I’d suspect actions like insulting Gods would be mostly -ev, but you cannot know! You cannot know, and that’s the point when you posit a being that is superior to you in every aspect! Maybe you are risking it all by being a model citizen? And with that highly amusing thought, I’ll go drift off into a lovely drunken sleep! Ta ta now!

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