Straptokok breaks the silence

DJ I-V (I-V): Ay yo what’s good y’all, y’all listening to Sick Beatz Radio on 98.7 FM, and today we got a wooooorld exclusive interview *Sick Beatz audio logo* with none other than MC Straptokok, fresh off his tour! Straptokok, what’s good man?
Straptokok (Strap): Ay yo you already know what it is man, this yo man Straptokok, Germ Gang, east-side, we in the house y’all! *pre-recorded gunshot sounds* Shout out to all my real niggaz!
I-V: Yeah yeah we down, we down with Germ Gang, man y’all been bringing the heat this year, it’s like, y’all been dropping ill bombs non-stop? What you up to right now?
Strap: Ahh man you know we jus grindin’, you know, in and out the studio, fresh off the tour as you said, shit’s crazy out there man, for real. But we keeping it together, knah’msayin’, regulating. That’s what it is.
I-V: Aight man cool, we glad to have you man, been a minute since y’all did radio right? Matter fact, y’all ain’t been doing any interviews for a while now… Shit gets the rumors going, knah’mean? Maybe you can let the fans know what’s up with that?
Strap: Ayo first of all fuck all these rumor-ass niggaz, knah’msayin’? I ain’t down with all that talking shit, knah’mean? These niggaz weak man… I wish they would just step at a nigga ‘stead of running off at the mouth knah’msayin’ *pre-recorded gunshot sounds*, real talk!
I-V: *laughter* Ahh yeah, that my man Strap, always ready to go at em *pre-recorded gunshot sounds*, no doubt! But on the real man, why y’all stop giving interviews? Fans need to hear that Germ Gang shit, knah’msayin’? They wanna know.
Strap: Ah man you know, some shit went down ’bout a year ago, ‘posed to be private shit, ‘posed to keep that in-the-street, not make it in-dus-try, knah’mean? We was real disappointed with a couple of radio stations who tried to eat offa that, you know, they cause us trouble in the process, ‘specially that Klamidia at Ill Radio, she a straight-up biaatch, real talk. Silly bitch need to learn when to shut up, knah’mean?
I-V: *suppressed laughter* So you ready to talk ’bout what went down? Shit hit the fan at the Waiting Room nightclub right?
Strap: Yeah you know, so many rumors out there, might as well put in my two cents, knah’msayin’, these niggaz bustaz, knah’mean, straight up. Let me hit y’all with some truth, man. And I ain’t even with that talking shit, knah’mean, but niggaz forcing my hand right now, ya feel me?
I-V: Yeah… yeah… I feel ya man, straight up… we ready for that truth tho, knah’mean, streets want to know, knah’msayin’!
Strap: Yeah aaaight, so you right, we was at the Waiting Room, ’bout 20 deep, knah’mean, me and Lil Flu in particular, we was gonna perform…
I-V: Lil Flu there too? Aight… some stories put him there, others don’t knah’mean?
Strap: Nahh he there, he there, that my lil’ cousin too, ya hear. Me and Lil Flu family.
I-V: You family dog? For real?
Strap: Yeah I’m telling you man, he my lil’ cuz, he the son of my ma sister. We blood for real man. That gon’ factor into the story, too.
I-V: Right, ’cause word was you fell out after the incident or some such, man.
Strap: You crazy nigga? That blood right there, knah’msayin’? We ain’t ever fall out. Blood thicker than water nigga. What’s more we all Germ Gang, knah’mean, Lil Flu, DJ H.I.V., Lidocaine Pusha, Big Flu we miss you, God bless the dead, knah’msayin’? We ain’t ever fell out, never man. *pre-recorded siren sounds*
I-V: Aight, aight, cool, those some nasty-ass rumors then.
Strap: I been tellin’ ya man, these rumor-ass niggaz they bitches, straight up and down, they talking like bitches, knah’mean! Anyway, we was in the club, getting our little party on, drinkin’ out them bottles hittin’ on them models, knah’msayin’ *pre-recorded siren sounds*, we ’bout to perform, we getting’ gully with it, fans and bitches showin’ love, whatever, whatever, ‘s all good, we go backstage, knah’mean?
I-V: Yeah?
Strap: So me and Lil Flu go into the dressing room ’bout 15 minutes before we have to go on stage, knah’mean, just the two of us, turns out they put us in the same dressing room with these punk-ass niggaz from Cough Crew, knah’mean, and they ’bout 8 deep, knah’msayin’?
I-V: Y’all was beefing at the time, right?
Strap: Yeah, nah, man, I-V, you know, ain’t no beef man, knah’msayin’, ain’t no beef, this rapping’ shit right here, knah’mean? A nigga from the streets, I been pushin’ that medicine, knah’msayin’? So a nigga been through REAL beef, *pre-recorded gunshot sounds* knah’mean? And this ain’t that. Real beef, you sleeping with the tool, knah’mean, like, you sleeping with the tool under the pillow, you and yo niggaz taking turns of sleep, knah’msayin’, whenever you step out you feel them butterflies, knah’mean, and it ain’t no love either, my nigga. That there beef, when you know any moment shit might pop off, for real. Niggaz sleeping with they vest on, for real. This no beef tho nigga, this just some industry niggaz runnin’ they mouth, thinking some’ sweet, smell me? *laughter* This no beef nigga!
I-V: Yeah yeah…
Strap: So like I said, these niggaz think some’ sweet with the kid, they on some bravado shit ’cause they outnumber us, knah’mean, probably had a few drinks, they getting’ real courageous up in this bitch, knah’mean? Talking that shit, then one them niggaz try snatching my cuz chain…
I-V: Oh for real?
Strap: Nigga I ain’t lyin’… he grab Flu chain, he try to yank it of Flu neck. They think they gon’ make us look like some bustaz showing that piece off on Youtube or some such, ya heard? But Germ Gang no bustaz, and I might or might not have had the syringe on me, knah’msayin’? *confident laughter*
I-V: Oh word? So… *thinking pause* hypo… hypothetically speaking, how would you have gotten the tool into the club if you had one?
Strap: Well you know, you know, I goes back with them niggaz in Little Italy, knah’msaying? A nigga been hustlin’. The club owner I know from before rap, you dig? That my man Sal. Big shout out to my man Sal, Sal Monella from Lil’ Italy, that my man, ya heard! So hypothetically speaking he might or might not have let me bring the syringe into the club, ya heard? *confident laughter* You know Straptokok straps-the-glock! And if a nigga did bring his tool into the club, he would hypothetically pull the tool out on these triflin’ ass niggaz trying to act all tough and all, knah’mean? Make them niggaz strip, knah’mean? Trying to snatch my cuz chain, fuck outta here! *more laughter**pre-recorded gunshot sounds* I’ma keep it a hunnid witcha, I-V! You fuck with my family, I ain’t got no reservations, I’m ready to plug a nigga with the syringe, fo’ real!
I-V: Wow… wow… that… that some real shit right there man. That story different from what Cough Crew been sayin’ too… They sayin’ they had you fleeing from the club, they talking ’bout y’all scared and shit…
Strap: Naah that ain’t real man. These niggaz straight perpetrating and fraud man, but a nigga can’t let it all out, knah’mean. You see if a nigga pull the syringe out, he gotta dip before police come, ya heard? Problem is these niggaz run and tell, knah’mean, these niggaz ain’t live by the code like a nigga do, ya heard? So a nigga gotta be careful what he sayin’, knah’mean? A nigga ain’t put it past these niggaz to straight get a nigga locked up, bunch of testifying-ass niggaz! I wish we could show the club camera images though, ya heard?
I-V: Cough Crew been saying the same thing.
Strap: Man fuck Cough Crew, man! They some lying-ass bitches!
I-V: So Lil Flu ain’t lose his chain?
Strap: Nigga you crazy man… Fuck outta here!
I-V: Aight, aight… we gon’ keep it at that, ’cause we ’bout to get into the new album and the new colab track with 50cc…
Strap: That what it is man!
I-V: … right after this message! Keep it here on 98 point 7! *Sick Beatz audio logo*

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