E-Cole and Hep C set the record straight

DJ I-V (I-V): Ay yo what’s good y’all, y’all tuned in to another round of nuthin’ but the illest hip-hop right here on Sick Beatz Radio, 98.7 FM on yo dial *Sick Beatz audio logo*, and you don’t wanna touch that right now ’cause we got Cough Crew in the house tonight *pre-recorded siren sounds**hooting and hollering in the background*, speaking on their latest album, rumors of a major contract deal coming thru, and of course their response to shots fired by Straptokok last week, right here at this table! Matter fact here next to me we got E-Cole, Cole what’s poppin’ man?
E-Cole (E): Yo yo what’s good I-V? It’s ya boy Cole representing the double C, ya smell me? Bringing that gutter, that cocoa-butter, straight to yo ears, all year, ya hear! *pre-recorded gunshot sounds*
I-V: And in front of me my man from way back, Hep C *pre-recorded gunshot sounds*, how’s it going man?
Hep C (H): Yeah man I-V, what’s good my nigga, glad to be back here man, been a while, ya smell me? Glad we getting the chance to set the record straight right now, man. I got some shit to get off my chest, ya smell? These Germ Gang niggaz some punk ass niggaz, fabricating these wild-ass stories right here man. Them niggaz frontin’ fo real!
E: Fo real!
I-V: Man y’all wanna get straight to the nitty-gritty, y’all aching to go! *pre-recorded gunshot sounds**pre-recorded air-horn sounds* I was planning to start off with the new album, be honest with y’all…
H: Nah man let’s get it poppin’ up in here, ya smell me? These niggaz got a nigga heated, ya smell? This lil nigga Straptokok straight frontin’, talking ’bout, he pull the syringe out on the crew, knah’mean? Talking ’bout, he been pushing that medicine back in the day, he a G and all that! The nigga’s a punk, I’ma tell ya straight up man, that lil nigga fronting, he sick in the head or som’. Real talk, you pull the tool out on a nigga, one of us leaving in a box, ya smell? The nerve of this lil nigga, man! I’ma let you know my people from east-side know this lil nigga man… He was never pushing no medicine! He one of them lil niggas never leave the house, ya smell? He ain’t ever been on the streets, smell me? *sniggering*
I-V: So you saying none of that went down?
H: Nah man!
E: Nah man! Ay yo I-V, listen here my G, we wasn’t even 8 deep or nothin’, ya smell? Was just Hep and me, man. Lil Flu wasn’t even there neither. That lil nigga was outside at that particular time.
H: These niggaz frontin’ like we interested in they weak chains! Who want that weak shit, my nigga? My chain game been of the rocker, nigga! A nigga been wearing 200 g’s on his neck for a while now, ya smell? *sound of jewelry ringling* This that double C piece, smell? You can keep yo weak-ass chain, lil nugga! That shit probably fake too! At least make that shit look good when you buy fakes, ya hear? Cheap-ass niggaz! *laughter in the background*
E: Ay yo Hep calm down man, you overheating my nigga! Let them niggaz have they little time in the spotlight, ya smell? We jus here to set the record straight, ain’t no one pull no tool on us at the Waiting Room! Strap jus try ‘n ack tough backstage, that all. Lil Flu got decked outside of the club by one of my niggaz, his homies ran the fuck off, ya smell me? That nigga strap and the rest of they crew ain’t dare come outside, word is bond yo! That’s word to my mother, dog! These niggaz shook inside, these some disloyal-ass coward niggaz, ya smell? *laughter in the background*
H: Ain’t nothing man, but what fucks me up is we been showing love to these niggaz from day one, ya smell?
I-V: Yeah dog I remember they was on y’all third album when they was jus starting out, shit was fire too! What went wrong?
H: You know what it is man, you give a nigga a finger he try cut off a nigga arm knah’mean? Ya smell? These lil niggaz tryin’ to play chess, ya feel? I mean these lil niggaz can’t pick a nigga pocket nor break a nigga leg, smell, but that shit jus ain’t sit right with me, my man! Talking ’bout they know Sal, man I been down with Sal ya smell? We was performing on the reg when the Waiting Room just opened, smell me? What owner in his right mind want a nigga bringing weapons to his joint, you crazy? Fucking lying-ass niggaz!
E: Ay yo calm down my G!
I-V: You aight my man?
H: Jus got a nigga heated, knah’mean? *bang on table*
E: Ay yo take it easy man! Ay yo I-V my nigga been trying to quit that medicinal herb, ya feel? Ain’t no problem, he jus a bit heated, knah’mean?
I-V: Yeah ain’t no bi… *another bang on table*
H: I ain’t playing you lil niggaz! You wanna talk about bringing that tool to the club nigga? Next time bring yo tool my nigga! Bring that! Jus know we no punk-ass lying-ass niggaz like you, ya smell me? A nigga got the syringe on him 24/7 FO REAL! *sound of real gun cocking*
I-V: Hey! Wow wow…
H: Y’all think a nigga playing? *murmurs in the background*
I-V: The fuck did he get that past security?
E: Ay yo chill my G! What you doing man? *more murmurs*
I-V: Yo Hep, you my man and all but you can’t do this, dog! you gotta put the tool away, man!
E: Ay yo Hep man, you need to put that away, man. Yo I-V man I’m sorry man, niggaz is stressed ya smell? Ain’t no problem with you, feel me? *more murmurs* Come on my G let’s take it outside for a bit, aight?
H: Yeah aight, ay yo I-V ain’t no problem aight? A nigga jus stressed out, ya smell?
I-V: Yeah aight Hep, no biggie, jus take that thang outside, go take in some fresh air dog!
H: Aight, aight.
I-V: Aight man, we gon take a little break right here on Sick Beatz Radio, still 98.7 FM on yo dial *Sick Beatz audio logo*, you wanna keep it right here, shit is getting real on the battlefield *pre-recorded gunshot sounds*, as y’all jus heard! We gon’ cool off a little with this smooth new joint by Ella Gardner, ‘s called “Love Sick”. Keep it here y’all!

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