Don’t worry, I’m not a furry

She is laying in the basket, the large basket filled with pillows that I bought, just for her. She is wearing the tail, and even the little pointy ears. The whiskers I drew on her myself, using a permanent marker. She is not wearing very much else, as instructed. Such a good little kitten. She deserves all the good things in the world. And I’ll certainly make sure good things will come to her.
I brought her milk, her favorite. I’m pouring it into the tin bowl now, taking care not to spill any. I put something in it, too. I need her docile, tonight. The cuddling will be much better that way. Ah, she’s lapping up the milk now. Such an adorable little thing. I pat her on her head, barely resisting the urge to start stroking her. I take my paper off the table, and sit down on the sofa. As I flip through the pages, glossing over today’s news, I can’t help but glance over the paper. She’s turned her back towards me as she’s lapping up the sweet milk. A lesser man would certainly be enticed to start touching that silky soft fur, an animal could be pardoned for just mounting her, right here and now. But we are not animals, are we? We are gentlemen, and we take good care of our pets. I just take a deep breath, and loosen my tie a little.
I shoot another glance at her, she’s stretching out now. Oh, what a shame it is that I cannot let this beautiful pet of mine go out into the fresh air. I’m sure she is yearning to hunt little birds and mice. I’m sure she’d like to find herself a healthy and strong Tom, have little kittens, too. And I’d let her go outside, but what would the neighbors think? What would the world think? I know… back when she was allowed to speak, she told me she had had owners before. At least twenty of them, she certainly got around. And she was certainly out in the world then. But that didn’t make her happy! And the world’s judgement was harsh on her, too. It almost broke her. She is so lucky she found me, someone who knows how to treat a little kitten the way she should be treated, someone who knows how to care, but also how to discipline, should the need arise. She is right at home here, I don’t doubt it. Kittens don’t need careers, they don’t need jobs at all!
My God, look at her arching her back… You make it hard to concentrate on reading my paper, little kitten. You make it hard indeed!
I get up to get me a cold glass of water in the kitchen. I guess I’d better be off to the basement now. I made kibbles for the dog. He’s sure to like that.

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