A random list of philosophical questions which I didn’t get to yet and might never

1. Is humor a degenerated form of cruelty, specifically cruelty as used by humans to attract a mate, even more specifically cruelty as used by men to show off their power over their environment, and even over themselves, to females?
2. Are honest predictions actually masked intentions, and is their predictive value simply a reflection of the power of the predictor one who makes them to make things happen?
3. If we grant that allocating energy to revenge is always worse than allocating it to striving towards a worthy personal goal, might there still be specific persons for which revenge in itself would be the most fitting life-goal, and should some thus allow themselves to be fully engulfed by revengeful feelings?
4. Might genetic manipulation in humans herald in an age of the greatest and most thoroughly fixed caste-system humanity has ever known, in a sense the opposite of what many optimistic futurists believe?
5. Although bitcoin seems to be an innovative breakthrough, and all altcoins seem to bring not much to the table except trying to recreate its initial miracle using all kinds of bells and whistles, might the sheer ‘willing’ of large groups of people gathering behind them cause some of them to actually become valuable past short-term speculation?
6. Could an AI be trained to identify persons based on their Emoji use on social media and chats? I think so, probably a tap-in ;).
7. To what extent does the first name one receives at birth influence a person throughout life? Do names create types? The Chinese seem to believe one’s name to be able to make the difference between a successful and a failed life, how much of this could be true? Should people be allowed to chose their own name at some point in life?
8. If we grant that empathy in the end can only amount to emulation, would sociopaths (persons lacking the natural capacity for empathy) be better at understanding “normal” people in light of them not being fettered by illusions forced on them by nature. or vice versa, in light of a part of human experience simply being out of scope for them? All things between two persons more or less being equal, of course.
9. Probably a bug in my software, and I certainly hope it’s not a hardware problem, although if it is the latter, it would automatically solve the problem by it being not fixable; we know our actions echo into the future, but does the future echo into the past?
10. How should one process the Nobel prize for Obama? Can a man take the Nobel prize seriously after this fact? Just kidding, I understand fully what went down there! The important question here is, will Trump get one? Lol!

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