A good idea for free 1 – Who Brings What

I am what you might call an idea guy. I have (good) ideas all the time. Now before you start enthusiastically telling me that you are an idea guy too, or you know this or that good idea guy, let me tell you this: idea guys are scum. The people you want to be dealing with are the people that can execute a good idea properly. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Hundreds if not thousands of people came up with Facebook, flying machines and radios as soon as technology allowed for it.
To put my money where my mouth is, I will be giving away good ideas from my notes regularly every now and then. If you want to use them, great. If you get rich, even better. As Omar put it: “Man ideas ain’t got no owners, only spenders.” Or was he talking about money? Ah fuck it.

Who Brings What (WBW) is a mobile app to help organize events, by creating shared lists of items that should be brought to the event. Think small get-togethers and parties. Participants are added to the event, and can subsequently mark items that are needed (pledge to bring), or add extra items they will bring.
A typical workflow would look like this:
-Event leader creates event (time, place).
-Event leader adds participants (e.g. Google accounts, friend list).
-Optional: Event leader alters user rights.
-Participants or leader add needed items (name, quantity, measure).
-Optional: Participants add non-needed items.
-Participants promise to bring items (still have to buy) OR participants confirm they will bring items.
-Optional: Event leader and/or participants set alarms/notifications.
WBW is not meant to be an extensive shopping list or event planning application. There exist many apps for that. WBW focuses on giving people easy insight into what will be brought to an event by who, and who made what promise. The main target is casual events where people don’t (want to) plan extensively, and this app provides a way to minimize organizing time while adding some certainty. It should be easy to use and take up as little time as possible, so minimize navigation and reading.
Some possible extended functionality (these are all could haves, main functionality is king):
-Event templates.
-Email notifications.
-Save favorite items, friends.
-Chat or messaging in-app.
-Extensive leader options (e.g. editing data for other participants).
Bonus idea: budget extension.
This is a cool idea but goes a bit against the basic philosophy of the app. It could however add a revenue stream and possibly a strong unique selling point; when the base application is working, it can be extended with budget functionality.
Using either a cryptocurrency or fiat, a real budget can be stored in an event:
-All participants should have a payout/return address coupled to their account.
-Application adds up all items that have prices, and shows the needed amount in chosen (crypto)currency (could have a small fee included).
-Event leader pays full budget or every member pays a fair share to generated address.
-Event starts when budget is realized.
-Participants are paid their costs when they confirm they bring a needed item.
-Different settings possible for payout (leader confirms, majority vote confirms, auto payout on item confirm…).
Have fun!

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